Pearl Izumi Films: Gravel – A Love Letter

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The sport of Gravel Cycling is booming right before our eyes. Seeing the different ways dirt roads are connecting people and changing lives has been amazing. Pearl Izumi asks the question — what is gravel?

What is gravel? This is the question being asked to individuals and brands throughout the gravel community in this short film produced by Pearlizumi. With gravel cycling being such a young sport, the boundaries are still being tested and the gear is evolving at a rapid pace.

The film opens with the fact that in 2021 the international governing body of cycling announced its entry into the world of gravel racing. What does this mean? Well, time will tell I guess.

Jon Cariveau (Marketing/Branding) from Moots cycles has some great insights and highlights the fact that certain small towns are now getting awareness from the sport of gravel cycling that is now showcasing their beautiful gravel roads and communities. He mentions towns like Emporia, Trinidad, and Steamboat Springs. And how these towns are starting to become “check box destinations” for gravel riders. Note, Jon is a good friend of mine and we have been riding the gravel roads around Steamboat Springs since the late 90s. Back then, we just called it county road riding.

What is gravel to me? Well, a lot of things. Maybe one of the things that draws me to the discipline of gravel, would be the feeling of covering so much terrain in a given day. Similar to road riding, but on quieter backroads and the fact you are riding on that “dirt surface!”

Have a watch. I think Pearlizumi delivers some great footage and gets people asking themselves this question.

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