Does LA Suck for Cycling? Or Is It a Hidden American Riding Paradise?

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Jeremy Powers and the fine crew at GCN spent a day to find out. The day started off with a visit to the Golden Saddle Cyclery, which definitely looks like “a bike shop for everyone,” a lap through Griffith Park, and then the climb up the popular Mandeville Canyon.

But it’s the riding along the Westridge Road and many other dirt and fire roads in the area that I personally have always wanted to ride! The talk of low traffic, nice weather, a lot of climbing, and epic ocean views got my attention.

Payson McElveen and Colin Strickland make an appearance and talk about why it’s such a great training area, with endless 30-minute climbs and great weather. They also discuss the attraction of the Gravel scene right now and why it’s doing so well.

The visit to Pedalers Fork was a great call. Pedalers Fork is a scratch restaurant, bar, 10 Speed Coffee Shop, and a boutique bike shop — all in one. I first meet Gideon and some of the Pedalers Fork crew in Steamboat Springs, Colorado during one of the early Moots Ranch Rally events. Pedalers Fork is a Moots dealer and a great starting point for some world-class gravel riding.

I’ve got this area on the bucket list. Thanks GCN!

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