Born in the backroads of Colorado, 10 Tooth is a gravel cycling brand looking to serve the gravel community. 

We start with a Clubhouse first approach. A place riders can visit (coffee in hand) to find inspiration, gear information, and resources. A place where bicycles and dirt roads is our shared bond. And a place to connect with a community of like-minded riders.

We believe in individuals who inspire us, and brands that create remarkable products and experiences. These are the people making things happen, and we want to share them with you.

10 Tooth JR Thompson Gravel Riding

Founder JR Thompson comes from a professional bicycle mechanic and professional mountain bike racing background. He is the co-founder of The Dirty Roads, and the owner of Veloscapes.

Our Values

Riding Gravel


Public Lands

Gravel Fest 350

May 15-21, 2023

Gravel Fest 350 is a 7-day 350 km gravel riding challenge. And we look to spread gratitude and awareness for nurses along the way!


How Far Can You Go?

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